Participatory Technology Development (PTD)

PTD is a new approach to find successful innovations by combining together the local knowledge of farmers and the scientific knowledge of researchers. In this approach, extensionists facilitate the interaction between farmers and researchers. We therefore have a triangle – farmers, researchers and extensionists – cooperating to find new “things” that work in order to build the capacity of farmers to improve their livelihood.

Participatory Technology

Since 2000, the SFSP partners (WPI) have implemented numerous PTD experiments. You can access them either by clicking on the map to see the PTD experiments of a particular WPI or by having a look at the overview, where all the PTD experiments are listed. Several reports related to the PTD methodology and experiments are available.

During a PTD review workshop in November 2002, the WPIs exchanged their experiences and reviewed the last steps of PTD.

Do you have any comments or questions concerning PTD? Please feel free to share them on our Forum on PTD methodology or Forum on Other PTD issues.

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