National Institute for Soils and Fertilizers Social Forestry Group

Cooperation with extension and education systems helps in promoting new research methods

The National Institute for Soils and Fertilizers (NISF) was founded on 6th March 1969, by the Decision No 13/NN-QD of the Ministry of Agriculture with following tasks and functions:

  • Research and transfer new technologies to protect, maintain and improve soil fertility, and to use soils and fertilizers effectively.
  • Research on soil preservation technologies for integrated agricultural production and conservation of soil resources.
  • Provide information, training and consultancy on soil classification, soil properties and fertilizers.
  • Develop and testing fertilizers and growth stimulation substances.

The National Institute for Soils and Fertilizers has been one of the seven Working Partner Institutions (WPI) of SFSP funded by the Swiss Government since 1998. The social forestry group consists of 14 members aged between 25-52, of which 8 members are researchers with 4-27 years of experiences in research and technology transfer on soils, soil conservation and fertilizers. Since 1999, the social forestry group in collaboration with 6 other WPIs have implemented activities related to three main objectives of SFSP:

  1. Human Resource Development (HRD)
  2. Generation of Knowledge (GOK)
  3. Information Exchange (IE)

Through activities of SFSP, the members of the social forestry group of NISF is competent in conducting Participatory Technology Development (PTD), Participatory Land Assessment, Participatory Land Use and Planning, and Agro-forestry models.

Director: Dr. Bui Huy Hien
Head of the Social Forestry Group:
Dr. Tran Thi Tam
Address: Chem, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: (84-4) 836 2379
Fax: (84-4) 834 3924, 838 7689

Last update: 4 December 2002

Number of Visitors since March 2000:


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