Social Forestry Training Centre – Forestry University of Vietnam

Established on August 17, 1995, the Social Forestry Training Centre (SFTC) of the Forestry University of Vietnam is now located in Xuan Mai Town, Ha Tay province.

Tasks and functions:

  • Social forestry training: Training social forestry at university level as a faculty at the Forestry University; training and refreshment training of social forestry provided through short courses for staff working in agriculture and rural development nation-wide.
  • Social forestry research: Researching on social forestry policies; studying and developing approaches and technologies in social forestry.
  • Forestry extension and technology transfer: applying and developing agriculture and forestry extension methodologies and technology transfer suitable to different conditions of different ecological areas.
  • Providing training, scientific research and forestry and agroforestry technology transfer services for the entire agriculture and rural development sector.

The current number of teaching staff at the Centre is 13, teaching Social Forestry, Extension and Agroforestry. In addition, the Centre has three teams designated for Curriculum Development, Research, and Extension with total number of 15 core members who are the leading staff from different faculties of the University.

The Centre is the first working partner institution of SFSP (in 1994). Since 1997 the Centre has been one of the seven partners collaborating in curriculum development for social forestry. The Centre has also been in close link with the two other SFSP partners, the National Institution for Soils and Fertilisers and Hoa Binh Agricultural and Forestry Extension Centre in research and training support for communal, district and provincial extensionists in different areas of Hoa Binh Province.

SFTC has been in close link with extension centres in different provinces, forestry institutes, universities, colleges, high schools and vocational schools providing agriculture and forestry training and other international projects and non-government organisations in Vietnam.

SFTC has established collaboration in training and research activities with many international organizations, including: Regional Community Forestry Training Center/Bangkok (RECOFTC), Forest Tree and People Program of Asia (FTPP), Agriculture Extension and Rural Development (AERDD) – Reading University, England, International Research Institute for Agroforestry (Indonesia), Asia Development Bank (ADB), Tharandt Tropical Forest Institute (Germany).

Director of SFTC:
TS. Dinh Duc Thuan
Address: Xuan Mai – Ha Tay
Tel: (84-34) 840 043
Fax: (84-34) 840 042

Last update: 25 April 2002

Number of Visitors since March 2000:


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