Forest Management Learning Group

The FMLG (Forest Management Learning Group) approach is an adaptation to the forestry context of the more general “Farmer Field School” concept. The FMLG’s objective is to improve farmers’ capacity to manage their forest through “learning by doing”. The extensionists and farmers will together try out sustainable forest management practices, which also improve farmers’ incomes from forest products.

As extension itself is not a key objective of SFSP, only a few extension-related activities have been carried out. Nevertheless, in order to build up Hoa Binh Extension Centre’s training capacity, two staff were sent to attend the training given by RECOFTC on FMLG.

A FMLG was established in Dinh village of Hoa Binh province in April 2001. Farmers identified three topics for implementation:

  • Soil fertility improvement in the newly planted Acacia forest
  • Luong bamboo cutting propagation
  • Nurseries for Canarium and Dracontamelum

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